The session illustrates the applicability of Semantic Web Technologies in software engineering in terms of addressing:

  • The problem of interoperability of data, repositories, applications and systems through ontologies, which consequently includes reusability of data and application architectures and models.
  • Development of semantic-based software and assistive tools which can be used across domains for various needs in software and web engineering, including search, retrieval and recommender systems.
  • Managing and manipulating the semantics stored in software systems for different purposes such as decision making, workflow and business process management, interpreting social intensive data and environments which are situation and context specific, mining data and information. 
  • Creating new techniques in software engineering, which manipulate semantics stored in ontologies and deploying the Semantic Web Technology stack and languages in software applications which are data centric, pervasive and ubiquitous.

We are particularly interested in exploiting the power of OWL/SWRL enabled ontologies in software engineering and incorporating them into our computational environments, which would include inference and reasoning, but without being dependent on AI and description logic techniques, expert and rule base systems.


  • Radmila Juric